Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Squealing with Excitement & Happy Blog-iversary to me!

As a novice blogger, I check my stats just about every time I login. The Blogger Stats tell me things like how many people click on each post, where they were referred from (i.e. other blogs or google searches) and what part of the world they live in. I like to see how many people are reading my blog each day, along with which posts are most popular. Whenever I link-up to a blog party, I get about 30-40 more hits on my blog than usual. It's always exciting to see my numbers increase, and I feel good knowing that people are reading my blog.

This Saturday, I did my usual stat check, and instantly noticed that I had a significantly high amount of page views. I haven't linked-up to any parties recently, so I was a bit perplexed. When I checked to see which posts were popular, I noticed that my Sounds Pinteresting... post had 60 hits! Wait a second ... how could that be? I jumped over to their blog to see if I could find anything out, and here's what I saw (check out the 3rd paragraph!):

{link to article}

In case you can't read it, here's a zoomed in version:

That's right, Pinterest mentioned my write-up (they called it a write-up -- it sounds so legit!) on their blog. I couldn't believe it. Not only did I run around squealing to Jesse, I immediately called my parents to tell them how excited I was! This is the first time that my writing has been featured on another blog, so for it to be the Pinterest blog is even more exciting. I was on Cloud 9!

Ok, they did call me Suzy, but who can blame them? It's the name of my blog. For the record, if you read this blog and don't know me, my real name is Susan. :)

I still can't believe that I was featured, and I'm so grateful for the whole world of blogging. It has started a new drive in me, that I've never felt before. I'm constantly dreaming up new projects, recipes and posts - all because I love sharing my world with everyone in the blog-world. I hope that you guys are enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy writing my posts. Thanks again for stopping by, and I can't wait to keep forging ahead in this adventure!

Update: I called myself a novice blogger, but I just realized that today is the one year anniversary of my blog! Can I still use that term? Well, I'm going to for now. It makes me feel better about any anxieties I have about blogging. :)

Back to the exciting part - Happy Blogiversary to me!

We should eat cake to celebrate ... too bad I didn't make one. Let's share a virtual cake instead! :)


And, just for fun, lets take a look back at year one:

Readers from 10 different countries
16 new followers
74 posts published
100 comments received
2,857 page views

Most Popular Project: Prepping for the Prep Work
Most Popular Makeover: Sunroom Makeover: Before & After
Most Comments Received: Craigslist Find of the Year

It's been a fabulous first year and I can't wait to see what's around the corner. I'm hopeful that year two will bring new ideas and projects, more followers, and most importantly, happiness!


  1. Congrats on the Pinterest write up and on your one year blogiversary!

  2. I am a little late, but Happy Blogiversary!!! and on your Pinterest write up!! CONGRATS!!!!


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