Thursday, June 2, 2011

Window Shopping ... Craigslist Style

Today I did a little window screen shopping on Craigslist. While I love traditional window shopping, I don't always have the time to peruse the shelves of my favorite stores. Plus, window shopping is always better when you're out with other people (like my mom), which isn't always possible to do. 

So when I can't go out for real window shopping therapy, I like to spend a few minutes browsing my favorite websites online, or as I like to call it, screen shopping. While it might not sound as enjoyable as true window shopping, I've found that it does the job. And actually, I have better restraint when I'm screen shopping, than when I can just walk into a store, hand the clerk my credit card, and then walk out with a shiny new toy!

I didn't make any purchases today, but I still had a lot of fun looking at all of the treasures on Craigslist. As I came across items I liked, I would think about where I might put it in my house. I also found a few really nice pieces of furniture that I would love to refinish, but I had to remind myself (more than once) that I already have enough stuff here (buffet, bookshelf and side table) to keep me occupied for awhile.

You want to see what I found today? It'll be like we're screen shopping together!

First up, six dining chairs that the seller says are in perfect condition. They're actually from Target, but they look very similar to a line of Pottery Barn chairs. They are selling the set for $300, which is a little pricey for Target, but there's always room to negotiate! I would either use these in my dining room to mix-and-match them in with the leather chairs we currently have, or maybe even spray paint them a lighter color to brighten up the room. So many possibilities! :)

Next I found this mirror from Pottery Barn. I've been looking for a mirror to hang in our guest room for awhile now, and this one has the perfect feeling for the room. Our guest room has more of a romantic vibe to it, with lots of monochromatic colors and neutrals, so I think it would fit right in. The mirror is 40x30x3.5 inches, and it's priced at $150. It's not an awful price for such a large mirror, but the seller said that it's REALLY heavy, making it difficult to hang. But who cares, I'm only screen shopping!



The seller also listed this chair from PB for just $20. I would LOVE to paint it aqua, add a dark glaze, and rough it up a little bit. It would look perfect in the corner of our guest room. And to be quite honest, if it was closer to my house (not Bethesda, MD), I would've bought this chair today!


The last two treasures are items that I would love to refinish and sell .... if I had more experience. I have so many ideas for both of them, but it'll have to wait until I get more practice!

The first listing was for a set of four Pottery Barn dining chairs. They were listed for $200, but if the seller would negotiate a bit, these would be a great deal! It would be fun to find a bright, cheery fabric for these chairs and then spray paint the base to match.


And finally, this dining set was listed for just $100. Assuming it's real wood, I would've paid $100 for the chairs alone! The listing said that the chairs and table have a natural wood finish that has never been stained. Doesn't this sound like the perfect project piece?!

Well I hope you enjoyed window screen shopping with me today! I know I had a blast! 

Maybe we can do it again sometime soon. :)

P.S. Today is my mom's birthday, so I want to wish her a very happy day!! Mom, I wish you and I could do some real window shopping in Old Town today, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for August! I love you!!

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  1. did you make the guest room romantic just for me and rooney? I think you should get that mirror just so jesse has to try to hang it. he probably also loves the idea of having multiple dining room chair sets...

  2. oh, and happy birthday mrs. baca!

  3. I love window shopping on Craigslist.


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