Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tired, But Still Inspired

I'm tired today. Not the kind where you fall asleep watching a movie, but the kind that makes your mind feel like mush and your body feel like jelly.

It causes you to start telling a story, but forget the point of it halfway through, so you wrap it up with a "sooo, aaaa-ny-wayyy ..." and then the person you're talking to chimes in with a "how you got your job ... remember, you were telling me how you got your first job," which prompts you to say "oh, right, so my first job ..."

That happened to me today.

If you've never done that, maybe this will sound a bit more familiar ... I came home after running a marathon two miles tonight, and I was so hungry that I needed a little snack while I cooked dinner. After I was done chowing down on my hummus and crackers, but before my husband came back in from watering the flowers, I quickly put everything away. Here's where the tired part comes into play. As Jesse was cleaning up after dinner, he opened the cabinet to put away the tortilla chips and the next words out of his mouth were, "Why is the hummus in here?" To which I replied, "Oh s*** ... I put the hummus away with the crackers!"

Yep, that's the kind of tired I am today.

I have an exciting story to share, a new recipe that I tried this week, and a few pictures of my newly decorated bookshelf, but what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm too tired tonight. 

teaser for the recipe that I'll be sharing soon!

I hope this doesn't make me lazy. 
I had good intentions. 

Soooo, since I don't have any delightful treats or fabulous makeovers to share with you, why don't I share a few inspiring rooms instead? I would hate to make you feel like you stopped by for nothing. :)





Until recently, I couldn't identify my personal design preferences. I think a lot of rooms are gorgeous, but they're not always my cup-o-tea. As I spend more time reading all of my favorite home design blogs, magazines and websites, I find so many inspiring spaces that draw me in. 

With the help of Pinterest, I've been able to save all of these spaces in one place, which helps me visualize my style and see what catches my eye. 

I've learned that I like layers, a lot. I also love color - lots of color. I tend to lean towards bright, energetic rooms, but nothing too overwhelming. Oh, and I love gold (but that's not a new revelation). I know that matchy-matchy is not so much my thing. I prefer the pieced-together-over-time look.

Learning what I like has been a fun process. I find that I spend more time looking for the right item, and less money settling on junk that I don't love. 

I know I still have a long way to go, but I'm enjoying the learning process. Putting our house together in stages is much more fun than buying everything at once without any rhyme or reason. :)

Don't know what Pinterest is? Check out my Pinterest write-up from a few weeks ago and then request an inviation ... asap!

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