Friday, October 22, 2010

Sunroom Makeover Part 3: Before & After

{Before & After}

And now, time for the big reveal!

But first, let me torture you with a before shot.

The 'Before' pictures were taken during our search for a house, so please note that the choice of furniture and decor were chosen by the previous owner.

This room was lacking a few things ... color, character and charm. I'm hoping that I was able to accomplish all three of those things with the makeover below.

Here's the same sunroom after some paint, new furnishings and a power-scrub to the deck (thanks, Jesse!). As you can see from the pictures below, we were able to get everything we wanted out of this room. We ended up with enough seating for four people (the love seat, desk chair and reading chair), a functional space (the computer desk) and cuteness (need I say more?)!




check out how green the deck is!


Ok, enough of the before pictures, here are a few more close-ups of the room. Enjoy! :)

And just for Jesse, here's our deck after the mini-makeover! Jesse took the time to power spray and scrub down the deck. After that, he followed up with a wood stain to brighten everything up. Once that was done, we bought a compact patio set and 2-burner grill. Our deck went from being completely useless to the perfect place for a summer BBQ.

Also, did you notice the colorful mum on the ledge? As usual, there's a story behind it. Let's just say, this might not be the first one I bought this season. More to come next week ....

Interested in seeing how the sunroom makeover came together?
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  1. I LOOOOOOVE IT SUSAN!!!! the desk is my favorite part :)

  2. Thanks, Kelsey! I love the desk too! I was telling the girls at work that I really want to put cute stuff on that memo board, but every time I do, Jesse asks me why it's up there. I don't think he gets that it's just up there to look cute :)


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