Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let there be (more) light!

I've been looking for a new light fixture to replace the dinky track lighting in our living room (inherited from the previous owner) since the day we moved in.

I could only find one picture of the light fixture we started with and it's a picture I took during our house hunt. I'm pretty sure I've intentionally avoided catching it in any recent photos. Oh and not only does this picture showcase the light perfectly, it also brings back memories of our bleh white walls.

I considered switching to a drum pendant of some sort, but wasn't convinced that it would provide enough light in the dark, windowless corner of our living room. I also feared that it wouldn't be substantial enough for our space. Just for kicks, here is the style I considered.


So once I realized the drum pendant wasn't the most reasonable option, I decided I should stick with track lighting. I wanted something with a little more presence and better lighting, but I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg to get it.

I shopped around online, but couldn't find anything that fit my criteria. I had actually sort of forgotten about the lights altogether until my most recent trip to Ikea, documented in this post from a few weeks ago. After falling in love with the model kitchen below, I picked up the track lighting for just $50!

I had every intention of taking a more recent "before" picture so I could show you how out of place the modern fixture looked with our current furniture, but here's how the installation went down. I brought home the lights while Jesse's friends were in town. Jesse and Drew told me they could install it during Sunday dinner. I tucked the lights into a corner and figured I'd have to remind them about it after cooking some fab dinner. I went shopping for said fab dinner on Sunday afternoon, and by the time I came home, Jesse had installed my new light fixture without any help!

I wish I could explain how quick and easy it is to replace a light fixture, but I never found out exactly how the install went. Jesse's response of "fine" doesn't give much clarity, so I'm assuming it went pretty well. Especially since the new light is still hanging in our living room!

Here's how his hard work turned out:

I love the disco effect on the ceiling!

And I love how much light it brings to the room.

But the best part is that I can adjust the each of the lanterns individually, as well as both of the arms.

Hi Rooney :)

I might have a 55" eye sore sitting in the middle of my living room, but these lights make the view just a little bit better! Oh, and I clearly need to add a little more personality to the TV corner, but I'm taking things one step at a time. Before I can focus on adding more to this room, I need to finish the buffet that's still sitting in my basement. :)

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