Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Secret Space

S is for Secret ....

And I have a secret to share.

My secret is this ....

That's right, it's an entire room just for me. It's an entire room to do my arts and crafts; an entire room to sew; and an entire room to stash all of my goodies. 

You want to know what I do with it? 

Close to nothing.

My poor sewing machine sits in this cute little room with nothing to sew. 

And this flashy red task lamp has only been turned on about three times. 
(At least I know that light bulb will last awhile)

I need to take the time to practice sewing, but for some reason I keep procrastinating. 

I'm hoping that by sharing this room with all of you, I might feel more obligated to use it.
(Admission is the first step, right?)

And when I start using it,  I can start sharing all of the cute little projects that I make.

Here is one project that my mom and I made when she came to visit last August.

Not only did we make that frame, we made two more to go with it. 

If I used this room more, I'd be able to look at them all the time!

My mom is actually the one that helped me setup this room. I told her I needed a sewing table for my (at the time) new sewing machine, but somehow one sewing table turned into a whole sewing room. We spent an afternoon at Ikea picking up the table, chairs and lamp. And then, she spent the evening making that adorable 'S' for me, along with these two memo boards.

When I start using this room, these will be the perfect boards to pin inspirational pictures.
(In the meantime, it looks like I have no good ideas or inspiration)

And when I start using this room, I won't feel bad spending just a little more money and elbow grease to hang some curtains, paint the walls, and replace this hideous light fixture!

But until I spend more time artsing and crafting (that's a technical term), I'll enjoy the wonderful tweaks that my mom and I made.

See that fabric and pattern on the front of the table? That's a purse that my sister gave me for Christmas. The catch? I have to make it myself. She's so sneaky ... it must be her way of telling me to spend more time sewing. I think I'll make this one of my summer projects!

And the reason for spilling the beans about my craft room?

Melissa over at HOUSEography is hosting a weekly link party, highlighting a different room each time, and this week's theme is home offices/craft rooms/mom caves. 

Thanks, Melissa, for inspiring me to spruce up my crap craft room, and quite possibly motivating me to use it a little more!

HOUSEography House Tour Link Party


  1. That is amazing space!!! Get cracking, Lady! In the mean time, thanks for linking up to my party and glad I could bring you some inspiration!!

  2. Hi I am visiting from Melissa's home tour party! That is a Nice space!! I love the start with the red too! That framed mirror is gorgeous too! Once you get started in that space you can't help but be motivated to craft, sew, create etc!! Have fun!!

  3. oh i am so jealous!!! i would love to have a whole room for just me! and that orange would surely make me smile every day!

  4. Thanks to all of you for visiting my blog, and Melissa, this link party has been a big hit so far!! I'm really looking forward to spending more time in my craft room this summer. I really want to make my own pillow covers, so I'm hoping that will be a good beginner's project!

  5. Oh wow!! I love it! The accent color is exciting!!! LOVE!


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