Saturday, May 21, 2011

Photo Friday/Saturday: Two Weeks Worth

I'm baaaaack! And can I tell you how much I missed my blog? I missed working on projects. I missed writing. And, I missed reading your comments.

As you might recall, the last two weeks were spent in Dallas (at a conference) and Kansas (visiting family). The conference went really well and I had a great time seeing my parents, sisters (and their husbands/boyfriends), nieces, nephews, and my BFF, Kelly. Of course, the time flew by way too fast and I already miss everyone! Bleh.

Oh and just my luck, not only did my camera battery die right after I got to KC, my phone ran out of memory, so I spent the weekend deleting pictures anytime I wanted to take one. 

Alright, the phone running out of memory wasn't bad luck, that was me not listening to my husband tell me that I store WAY too many pictures on my phone. If there was a tech-version of Hoarders, I would be on it. I hate deleting files/pictures/music because I've had too many bad experiences of permanently deleting items that I didn't mean to ... but I digress ... 

All of the battery/memory problems aside, I did manage to capture a few goodies from the trips ...

Clint Black performed at a private concert for a small group of our attendees. There were only about 100 people there, so it was really neat. And thanks to being on the planning side of the conference, I got an autographed cd for my dad!

(I took this picture without zoom)

After five days in Dallas, I was off to KC ....

This quote, which was originally in my grandma's kitchen, 
is now residing above my mom's kitchen sink.
{I want to DIY my own version of it for my kitchen}

Kelly and I did craft night, so I made her a mini-me named 5k-Kelly :)

Meanwhile, my mom was working on a real craft project that I can't wait to share with you, but it'll have to wait just a few more days.

I brought home saltwater taffy for the kids and it was a huge hit! 

(my battery died right after these pictures, so just imagine a bunch of little kids going crazy for taffy)

After nine days of traveling, this week has been less than productive. While I didn't manage to accomplish anything of sustenance, I did get a few good pictures for you :)

The Farmer's Market near my work started up again - woo hoo!

An unusually busy commute and broken escalators

we found this little guy on our walk last night

And here are a few pictures from our drive up to Philly this afternoon. 
We get to meet our new nephew, Sunny, tomorrow and I can't wait. 
{No worries, I charged the camera battery before we left} 

And of course, your Rooney moments of the week :)

he just discovered that he can lay in the sink :)

So. Tired. Must. Sleep.

two words: dare. devil. 

Have a good weekend! 
I'll be back next week with some real content!

p.s. I titled this post Photo Friday/Saturday because it started out as Photo Friday, but now it's 1:00 am and I just finished :)

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