Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Make my day!

I posted a picture on my Facebook wall today that made my day. I thought I would share it with you too, along with the awesome app that I used to edit the picture!

The license plate says "CHFSFAN"
I always smile when I see something that makes me think of Kansas. I know it's 2011 and people travel and move from state to state all the time, but seeing someone with a red truck, Chief's sticker and CHFSFAN planted on their VA license plate just makes my day!

But I'm sure you guys don't care about how proud I am to be from Kansas, so let me tell you about how I got my picture to look soooooo cool using my iPhone. I used a FREE app called Instagram, which I found on one of the blogs I read. Instagram is a neat social-photography application. You can either take pictures using the app or upload pictures from your albums and then add special effects to them. Once you're done, you can share it with the Instagram community. If you have an iPhone and you get Instagram, look for me - lilsuzy - and we can share our picture creations. :)

P.S. St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, so I hope all my fellow Irishmen (and women) have a great day! And for those of you that don't have any Irish in you, drink green beer anyway, it's fun!

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