Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tables and curtains and trays, oh my!

So, I went shopping online last night. I didn't make any purchases yet, but I found a few things to consider. What do you guys think of this coffee table? I found it last night for a great price and I can't decide if I love it for its rustic look or because it's such a good deal. Any opinions? I am leaning more towards loving the rustic look, but figured I should ask around. Here it is dropped into the mood board to give you a better idea of how it would look in the room. I also dropped the end table in there for good measure. Normally, I would go for unique pieces because I'm not a fan of being overly matchy-matchy, but I also don't want to create chaos in the room, so I think the matching set might keep the room grounded. As you can see, I made a few other changes to the board too, including the curtains and shelf that I found at West Elm. I also found these cool vintage keys at Pottery Barn for under $20! And last, but not least, I found this bird tray, which pulls in more of the burnt orange and blue. I thought it would look good on the bottom shelf of the coffee table or hung up on the wall somehow. Alright, I'm dying to know what you guys think? Does everything look fairly cohesive? Is there anything that you really dislike? Don't be scared to give your opinion. I don't want to buy something I'll regret. :)


  1. I think the furniture goes really well together! It sets up a nice base for you to let your style shine through the added elements like the keys and especially the bird tray. Love it!

  2. I love the keys! They fit in really well. It looks like all your colors are coming together nicely! I also really like the coffee table. It looks like it would fit perfectly!

  3. Ok, now I have to get the keys! I keep looking at the coffee table, but I keep waiting to see if it goes on sale or if I can find a free shipping coupon :)


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