Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If these walls could speak, they would say borrrring!

I had a fabulous meeting with Marc last night! Being my former co-worker, I wasn't sure if he was going to come in all buddy-buddy or try to be strictly business-like, but it turns out he was both. We sat around for a while chatting about work and summer plans, but once we switched over to paint, things got down to business. Who knew painting a house would be so serious?! We spent about an hour talking everything out and choosing colors for each room. Before I tell you the plan, let me give you a little preview of what we are starting with:

{Back Story of our House}
If you have ever been in a townhouse, you know that the rooms are long and narrow. Ours is no exception. You walk into the living room, which is the length of two rooms (because it's intended to be a living room and dining room), then into the eat-in kitchen, which we made into our formal dining space and kitchen. We were lucky enough to find a townhouse with a bump out, so behind our dining room is a sizable sunroom. When we moved in, the entire main level was painted with contractor grade white paint, so it gets really dirty really easily and it just looks so bleh. So, the plan is to paint the entire main level to warm everything up and make our house feel more like a home.

{Before Pictures}
Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for the pain you are about to experience, due to the heinous furniture and horrid artwork put in place by the previous owner.


Living Room: Shot 1

Living Room: Shot 2 (That's our realtor)

Dining Room and Kitchen (looking into the sunroom)

Kitchen (hello, huge pot rack blocking all the natural light. In case you're wondering, that came down right away!)


Ok, so back to what I was saying before the back story and slide show. After putting about 15 samples up to the walls in each room, Marc and I decided that we would start in the middle of the house (dining room and kitchen) and work our way out from there. Marc was the one that recommended it, because then we can decide if we want the other rooms to be brighter, lighter, darker or completely different. I decided on the same color that my sister (Jen) used on her walls - Jicama - because it's a very neutral, creamy yellow and it picks up the gold tones that we have throughout the house. The more I look at it, the more I think I want to use it in the living room too. But, the plan is to paint the dining room and kitchen first to see what we think.

For the sunroom, I found a gorgeous grayish-blue color, Wedgewood Gray, that will really pop and make a statement in my otherwise beige, green and navy room. I'm a little nervous because it will definitely stand out against our green curtains (pictures of those to come later), but if all goes well, it will look amazing. I actually picked the color out last summer, but since I had absolutely no furniture yet, I decided I should wait to throw something drastic on the walls. Turns out, I still want to use it. Sometimes you should trust your gut.

Marc is coming over on Thursday and Friday to paint the kitchen area, so I will post some pictures over the weekend. I can't wait to add some life to these walls! :)

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