Monday, February 4, 2013

Working for the Weekend

Today was my first day back at work and I'm wiped out! I feel like a little kid after the first day of school. In other words, Jesse had to pick my face up off my plate halfway through the meal. Okay, maybe I made it through dinner, but it's 9:00 and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. It probably doesn't help that we had a pretty full weekend of going out to brunch, homemade surf & turf, plus a Super Bowl party!

Starting from top-left: the architecture at Chadwick's (where we ate brunch) is amazing, my stuffed grilled cheese sandwich, enjoying the commissary (for the first time!) with my neighbor, our surf & turf dinner, intense football watching at the SB party (I forgot to take pictures of the pulled chicken I made. Fail.)
Since I don't have projects or meals to write about tonight, I'll tell you about my first day back at work, which turned out to be a lot better than expected. I wasn't really looking forward to going back to work, mostly because I had gotten so used to my routine of getting up around ten o'clock, making eggs and toast for breakfast, easing into my work day and snuggling up on the couch with Rooney and my laptop for the afternoon.

Now that I'm back at work it means eight hours in an office with no windows and the same chair. All. Day. The worst part is hearing my alarm go off at 6:55 in the morning. I hit snooze once this morning and Rooney curled up next to me just as it went off for the second time, making it that much harder to put my feet on the floor and get out of bed.


Knowing that it was my first day back, I wanted to make a good impression so I rallied and got ready with just enough time to grab a Lara bar and a yogurt. Tangent: I went to the store with Jesse for the first time since my surgery and I felt like a kid in a candy store. Two new things I got were the cherry pie Lara bars (thanks for the recommendation, Kelly!) and the new Chobani coffee with dark chocolate chips mini yogurts. I highly recommend both items! 


The unexpected highlight of my day was arriving to work and opening my office door to find a small stack of presents, cards and notes. The presents were Christmas presents that were given to all employees, but since I wasn't there for the Holiday party, they left them in my office. I got a nice fleece jacket and an umbrella. As for the notes and cards, those were from my birthday ... which was in November! One of the notes was a promise to take me to Chipotle when I got back, so I plan on redeeming that ASAP.

To top off my belated birthday celebrations, one of my co-workers and I had already scheduled my birthday lunch for my first day back in the office, so I got to enjoy a little Kung Pao Chicken and a Fortune cookie for lunch. Not too shabby for 2+ months late!


All in all, it was a good day, but I was ready to pass out by two o'clock. It's a good thing I'm only going into the office part-time right now because I'm not sure I'd be able to do this again tomorrow. It'll be nice to have a day to recover before I go back for round two. :)

Well I'm off to bed, but I'll try to write about something more substantial later this week. I hope everyone else had a good start to the week!

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