Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless {ha!} Wednesday: The Rooney Files

I constantly have my camera phone in-hand to capture pictures of my day (thanks for starting that one Instagram!), so when I get behind in blogging I get a back-log of pictures that I want to share on here. I usually use my Photo Friday series to share all of my random musings, but with this week being Turkey Day, I don't trust myself to think about anything on Friday, except maybe what we'll do with turkey leftovers! :) So with that in mind, I decided to do Wordless Wednesday (which isn't turning out to be very wordless) to share what I've been looking at recently. As I started sorting through my pictures, I realized that I have quite a few of Rooney, so I think he deserves a day in the spotlight!

I hope you enjoy the Rooney Files and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with lots of turkey, stuffing, cranberries and family! :)

"you said no counters, but i heard nothing about the window" {11-22-11}

handsome man {11-11-11}

wide-eyed {11-10-11}

can I help? {11-7-11}

bookshelf accessory {11-7-11}
no laundry, please {11-1-11}
paparazzi attack {10-16-11}

mother theresa rooney {9-29-11}

flat tire after the vet {9-23-11}

birthday boy {9-21-11}

lounging {9-14-11}

sweetheart {9-4-11}

If you made it to the end of my "proud mama" post, then you're in for a treat. I caught this hilarious Rooney moment on video and I've been dying to share it! Consider it the pumpkin pie of this post ... but if pumpkin pie isn't your thing, then consider it something that is, like apple pie? Or maybe chocolate pecan? Alright, I'm officialy on a tangent now ... Happy Thanksgiving!

so much for wordless Wednesday ... next time I'll stick to Photo Friday! :)

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